Free Parenting Seminar – Fatherhood is a contact sport (Adelaide, South Australia)

May 4, 2011

Are you the father or mother of a baby or young child? Do you want to know how father-baby bonding works and why it matters? Free Parenting Seminar – Fatherhood is a contact sport. Come and hear Dr Richard Fletcher, author of ’The Dad Factor: How father-baby bonding helps a child for life’ talk about his research and experience.

> The unique role fathers have in children’s lives
> How the relationship with their father affects a child’s growth, development and happiness for life.
> How rough and tumble play is important for both boys and girls
> How fathers are more than ‘helpers’ for mothers.

Dr Fletcher is a researcher and senior lecturer at The University of Newcastle, NSW

Tuesday 10 May, 2011
Time: 7.15pm–9.00pm
Venue: Florey Lecture Theatre
Medical School, University of Adelaide
Frome Rd (eastern side)

To book contact:
Centre for Health Promotion
Children Youth and Women’s Health Service
Telephone: 8161 7777

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