Australian coalition push for changes to ‘flawed’ Family Violence bill – they want to make sure fathers don’t see their kids

May 26, 2011

Feminist courts are corrupt courts with no sense of justice or concern for the best interests of anyone except women, not even children.

The federal coalition will push for changes to draft legislation providing protection for children within the family law system and tackling family violence.

Australian Attorney General Robert McClelland - another chivalrous dinosaur with little respect for fathers.

When the Family Law Legislation Amendment (Family Violence and Other Measures) bill was introduced to parliament in March, Attorney-General Robert McClelland said it would create a “safer and fairer family law system and prioritise the safety of children”, although many are skeptical that it will achieve anything beyond the appeasement of well-funded womens groups.

“The laws would encourage people to bring forward evidence of family violence and child abuse, and help families, family law professionals and the courts to better identify harmful behaviour through new definitions of family violence and child abuse”, he said.

The bill is the government’s response to three reports into the family law system, although the amendments are largely silent on the overall positive assessment of the current shared parenting laws from the Australian Institute of Family Studies after interviewing over 27,000 separated parents.

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