June 8, 2011

By George Rolf

Those of us who have been around the men’s movement for a while can imagine how the conversation went. The desperate father knowing that this may be the last time he ever sees his children again. Negotiating and trying to keep the whole contact thing between her and him. Not wanting to go into a kangaroo court to watch a judge take control and remove all access to the children. Depression pulling at his mind. Panicked attempts to try and get the Ex to see reason. Trying hard to control the anger pounding in the chest. Sometimes failing, then realising anger is a mistake and trying again to be reasonable. Seeing in the mothers eyes the sense of power she has. Maybe she smirked. Maybe she said something like “I will see to it you never see these kids again!” For whatever reason the despair; the fear; the anger and the grief became overwhelming.

Some men kill themselves, alone in a bed sit somewhere. Some slowly drink themselves to death or let drugs do it. Others go online and rant and rage and try to cope. Some men snap and go off the rails. It seems this man did exactly that. He snapped. Maybe weeks or months ago. Taunted by thoughts that told him he had failed as a husband and father. Every word his Ex said to him since the break up playing over and over in his mind. The pain and anguish building within him to unbearable levels. Hours spent staring at the photographs of his children. Nothing in the way of real help or hope on offer. Just the certain knowledge that he will not be likely to find any justice or consolation in the family court system. They will steal his children and with them, his reason for living

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