Domestic violence trends and issues in NSW (Inquiry)

August 1, 2011

This inquiry is a current Legislative Council inquiry conducted by the Social Issues Committee . The inquiry was established on 25 July 2011 to inquire into and report on domestic violence trends and issues in New South Wales. The terms of reference were referred by the Hon Pru Goward MP, Minister for Family and Community Services and Minister for Women. The Committee encourages public participation in the inquiry process. Submissions can be lodged by email, fax or post. The closing date for submissions is Friday 16 September 2011.

We would encourage all readers of this website to lodge a submission. This recent article, from the Northern Star newspaper, reflects a disturbing attitude on behalf of some Government MPs:

“Domestic violence, family violence – it appears that there are more women perpetrators, that police are having to act against more women and we don’t understand that. Is that because more offences are being committed, or because the laws are not being used properly or is it that more resources are directed to men and more are needed towards women?”

As far as we are aware, the only family violence resource directed towards men by the NSW Government is this single page on their Domestic Violence website. Every other resource is either directed towards women or is available to both sexes.

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