What Makes a Strong Co-Parenting Father? (Podcast)

September 12, 2011

We could have entitled this week’s show, “What Makes a Strong Co-Parent?” After all, both mothers and fathers require strength for their parenting journeys.  But it’s fathers whom our culture all-too-often treat as playing expendable, secondary, or limited roles in their children’s lives. So we’re focusing on fathers–essential, capable, and yes, strong–specifcally the strengths that help them navigate co-parenting successfully. 

Our guest will be Brian Clark, Program Manager for STRONG Fathers, a Maine-based organization dedicated to “supporting men in their efforts to be skilled active and nurturing fathers and father figures.” STRONG Fathers provides men without opportunties to explore, enrich, and learn about themselves as fathers, addressing topics ranging from “diaper changing to discipline to dating.”

STRONG Fathers offers individual services as well as group worskhops, discussions, and activities covering practical skills, personal development and mentoring, emotional health, family finances, family literacy, community referrals, and family fun.

On the show, we’ll talk to Brian about all the ways STRONG Fathers supports dads and families, and we’ll talk about what makes a strong co-parenting father.

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