October 17, 2011

Fathers’ Day in Democratic Republic of Georgia!

Saturday, October 15th, is Fathers’ Day here in Georgia (as in Russia rather than next to Alabama)!

As some of you may recall, I petitioned the Georgian Parliament to create a Father’s Day, or turn March 3rd (currently Mother’s Day) into Parent’s Day.  You can get more information from the article NCFM Liaison Pursues Establishing a Chapter in Sweden (no, that’s right, “Sweden”) and the letter we sent to the Georgian Parliament, you can even read that in Georgian if proficient.

I’m not sure if this is the first year that October 15th has been Father’s Day here in Georgia.  Likewise, I am not sure how official this is, but there is a Facebook page for it.

For one thing, Saturday did not constitute a day off of work.  Also, I am not sure if this means that November 19th will now be recognized as International Men’s Day here in Georgia. We may be making headway in that direction too.  However,  I plan to find out.

If this is the first year of this and if it does have at least some official status, then I’d like to think our letter had a role in this.  Coincidence, I’d like to think not!!!

So Happy Georgian Father’s Day!

Carl Augustsson

NCFM Liaison, Democratic Republic of Georgia

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