VAWA Odd Person Lisalyn Jacobs attacks unarmed cameraman in the halls of Congress! Run for your lives!

December 8, 2011
Lisalyn Jacobs

Lisalyn Jacobs abhors violence, that is, apparently, unless she's committing it.

Disguised as a human-being, Angela Davis lookalike, Violence Against Women Act operative Lisalyn R. Jacobs attacked Ben Vonderheide aka Daddy Justice while he was video recording VAWA Odd People (VODDIES) attempting to come or go undetected from their vault in Congress (see video below).

Unaccustomed to anyone challenging them these fugacious feline VODDIES typically project themselves as caring humans incapable of the very acts they denounce, VIOLENCE in any form. In trying to explain Lisalyn’s alien behavior an unnamed insider reputedly reported that Lisalyn’s Minder was delayed on their Pod People supplyship the P.P.V.P.Joe Biden .

It has also been speculated that Lisalyn forgot to take shape changing pills before this unfortunate incident. Perhaps the truth will never be known since VAWA Odd People control the mainstream media and Lisalyn’s abhorrent behavior has not been widely reported.

Operatives like Lisalyn were able years ago to deceive members of Congress into financially supporting their assimilation into the real world. Lisalyn for example was or is Vice President of something or other for Legal Momentum, one of many like minded organizations into which swarm VAWA Odd People.

Lisalyn’s assimilation slowly manifest as she assumed jobs intended for civil people, like working for the National Partnership for Women and Families under the auspices of Georgetown’s Women’s Law & Public Policy Fellowship. She even interjected herself into the Office of Policy Development of the U.S. Justice Department and worked on a number of issues including implementation of the Violence Against Women Act. She was then able to feed as Chief of Staff of the Civil Rights Division, as well as Special Counsel to the Director of the Violence Against Women Office. She left DOJ and for nearly three years was a civil and human rights consultant [sick].

This reporter does not know whether Lisalyn was actually arrested; however, since she  attacked a man, her being arrested and led to jail in handcuffs is highly unlikely.

Nonetheless, District of Columbia Court Cases Online records show one Lisalyn Jacobs arraigned for Assault on 12/5/2011, the same day or the day thereafter of her attacking Daddy Justice , a male human. Since VAWA Odd People clone there is some uncertainty if the arraigned Lisalyn Jacobs is the Lisalyn Jacobswho actually committed this hypocritical, violent, and misandric attack on Daddy Justice.

VAWA Odd People have more excuses than their Minders seem to have human pills and our government extends more protections to VODDIES than to working citizens, hence we suspect the case will soon be quietly dismissed.

If by some strange circumstance the Assault charge is not dismissed Lisalyn will surely be allowed to plead to a lesser charge of something like Hitting a Man Out of Season, Man Attack Without a License, or Battery on a Penis Carrier.

Most likely Lisalyn will be found innocent after VAWA Odd People Court Watchers intimidate anyone even hinting that she should be held accountable for her violence, anger issues, and unprovoked attack on a human male. Lisalyn won’t even be ordered into a VAWA Odd People Batterer Intervention Program since they are designed only for male humans. Short of imprisonment or a lobotomy the world has no solution for controlling aliens like Lisalyn.

Lisalyn  may even assert the Battered VAWA Odd People Syndrome and claim to have narrowly escaped horrendous abuse in some unknown universe several lifetimes ago in a galaxy of endless absence of evidence where any thought of discomfort is grounds for protection against whatever can be conjured up as villainous; which, of course, makes no sense at all.

And, Lisalyn should never be permitted to work in any capacity in which she can claim to be helping humans, she should be banished…

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