Loving Men

January 19, 2012

menby Kristal D. Garcia aka Vivica Liqueur

Tim Goldich, the author ‘Loving Men, Respecting Women: The Future of Gender Politics‘, expresses how there is an overall lack of love for Men.  I agree.

I’m not a perfect person I too fall into the bitterness rut of post relationship exasperation which escalates into gender projection and angry goodbye emails. The important part of that is to continue through and realize it is a completion process instead of lingering on the gender blame game that often follows those endings. That would be a brief explanation as to my personal process.  Even through this I return to and retain my total love for Men.

The heart space I hold for Men seems to have a very strong base in LISTENING. Our society has  long ago stopped-if they ever really started-listening to Men. From the magazines fed to teenage girls on ‘what a Man wants’ [which were never from a Man’s perspective except in occasional controlled and guided excerpt] to the blatant television commercials depicting Men as incompetent and unimportant, Men have been misconceived, unheard and slandered. Apparently this has been deemed as humorous and permissible- I say enough. It is our responsibility to evolve past gender identity and see the power ineach other.  This isn’t a matter of who can do what fastest, hardest; prettiest it is a matter of responding with the heart, power and compassion we all possess. One gender does not have to be deemed weak
for the other to acknowledge its power.  As Woman rises to remember her strengths it is important that Men are remembered as equal.

As a woman I acknowledge you.  My lovers, my brothers, my fathers, my friends I hear you.  I love you, I see you and I welcome your knowledge. I receive you as my equal and am unafraid of what I do not know or at times understand. I expect only what is authentic for you to share.  The core of you is the same as the core of me.  Remember always that you are loved, important, powerful and beautiful.  May we face each other in awe, love, understanding and respect always.


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