Men’s Quick Health Check online resource

March 20, 2012

The Men’s Health Peer Education (MHPE) program was funded as part of the supplementary package of support provided by the Australian Government in response to the validated findings of the Vietnam Veterans’ Health Study.

The MHPE program trains volunteers to provide health information to their veteran peers to assist them in making informed lifestyle choices around their health. The program is open to all veterans or partners of veterans.

MHPE provides a Men’s Quick Health Check online resource

For the under 50’s

Health checks are important for the under 50s and are recommended on a 2 to 3 yearly basis unless you have been diagnosed with a health problem.

For the over 50’s

To help you manage your health and wellbeing we have developed a quick health quiz.

Take the quick quiz for the over 50’s

For further information on Men’s Health Peer Education, please phone 133 254 (metro) or 1800 555 254 (country).

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