Hair loss and self-esteem

May 3, 2012

Approximately 60% of Australian men will suffer significant hair loss by the age of 50, and 80% of men will experience hair loss in their lifetime. For many men, hair loss has a detrimental effect on their self-esteem, leading to issues in aspects of daily life – from work to love and relationships.

Almost every human culture, religion and age has portrayed hair as a symbol of strength, virility and power. To this day, we are bombarded with glossy magazine photos and television images of desirable men with healthy, shiny and thick hair. We live with the perception that balding men are somehow weaker and should not be taken seriously.

In an article in the British Journal of Psychology, research showed that balding men had significant lower self-esteem than their peers, suffered more from depression, were less likely to succeed and overall were less social.

Many men who have hair loss also suffer from anxiety and stress, which can cause their hair loss to become worse or occur at a faster rate. These effects appear to be more prevalent if hair loss began in a man’s early twenties.

But there are ways to stop letting hair loss affect your self esteem:

  1. Accept that hair loss is a normal part of aging. Whether we like it or not, we’re all getting older, and balding happens to be a part of it.
  2. Realise that you’re not alone. 8 out of 10 men experience balding, so there’s no reason to feel self conscious about your hair loss.
  3. Make it part of your look. Rather than putting up with your bald patches, why not go for a short buzz cut that will make them less obvious? Or, if you’re really brave, shave it all off!
  4. Use a natural supplement that will nourish your hair. There are many natural hair restorative products on the market that not only reduce hair loss, but also promote the faster growth of healthier and well-nourished hair.

Whatever you do, don’t let hair loss be the reason for not getting the most out of life!

About the author: Andrew Tran is the General Manager of Hair Restore Advanced, a natural hair loss product that helps men manage their hair loss, hair thinning, hair fall and premature greying hair. Visit for more information.

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