The New Manhood – a series of extracts from Steve Biddulph’s new book

June 7, 2012

Men’s Health Australia is proud to be able to present to you a series of three excerpts from Steve Biddulph’s The New Manhood: The handbook for a new kind of man (with many thanks to Finch Publishing, Sydney).

We will be releasing one extract per week over the next three weeks. The first extract comes from Chapter One of the book and is titled “The Problem”. Biddulph accurately outlines the problems associated with being male in the 21st century. He asks us,

is there a flaw in the whole weave, causing all men to be so loosely connected to lifethat they risk floating off into oblivian. Do we need to start again, in the way we raise little boys, nurture teenagers, and support the lives of young men? Do we have to change men’s lives as much as we had to change women’s? The answer is yes, of course.

You can download The Problem as a PDF document from here.

Click here to purchase a copy of The New Manhood: The handbook for a new kind of man.

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