Male Health Victoria Strategic Plan Released

June 13, 2012

On the 8th June 2012, at the offices of Southern Health, Rob Koch launched the first Strategic Plan of Male Health Victoria.

This document aims to introduce Male Health Victoria Inc (MHV) to the State Government, to various sectors including Health, Education, Community Services, Business, Industrial, Corporate, Sporting, and to the wider Victorian community.

It outlines its origins, achievements, and plans for the future. It poses two questions:

  • What is it going to take to ensure the health and well-being of men and boys is the best it can be in every corner of Victoria?
  • How could you collaborate with us in practical ways to get this peak body firmly established and serving this State?

This inaugural Strategic Plan mentions another organisation, Women’s Health Victoria (WHV), simply to illustrate that a precedent has already been set for a gender-focussed peak body in Victoria. MHV is not in competition with WHV but sees itself as its counterpart to complement what is needed in Victoria. We look forward to working collaboratively with WHV and all organisations that promote better health for our community.

The Strategic Plan was completed in May 2012 by the MHV Committee of Management and is informed by a strong evidence base, government policies, MHV member agencies, and other stakeholders. It will be reviewed after the State Government’s new Male Health Strategy is released and updated annually. Your feedback and suggestions are always welcome. Flexibility is a key to recognising emerging needs, opportunities and risks as the organisation moves forward.

We invite you to move forward with us!

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