Rotary Club of Orange Daybreak: Art Dako Exhibition (male-only cancers)

June 16, 2012

The Rotary Ciub of Orange Daybreak (RCOD) is organising an exhibition on the evening of Friday, 14 and all day Saturday, 15 September 2012, at Orange Function Centre, Eyles St Orange.

The aim of this exhibition is to raise awareness of testicular and prostate cancer issues in an educational or humorous way. Creative works can be made in any medium and can involve men’s underwear, shorts, daks, codpieces, male anatomy or anything else that relates to male-only cancers.

If you can paint, sculpt, weld, weave, write, knit, carve, crochet, pot, cook, sew, quilt, photograph, embroider, scrapbook, arrange flowers, or create loce, felt, jewellery, icing or paper art we would like to hear from you.

Download an appilcation form here.

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