Regional Suicide Prevention Consultations: 10 July to 13 August 2012 (NSW)

June 27, 2012

The Hon. Mr Kevin Humphries MP, Minister for Mental Health, recently established the Ministerial Advisory Committee on Suicide Prevention as part of the implementation of the NSW Suicide Prevention Strategy 2010-2015.

Using the NSW Strategy as a reference point, the Minister has directed the Committee to undertake a series of community engagement and consultation workshops. The purpose of these workshops is to consult and work with communities to identify how locally based responses could be better supported to prevent acts of self harm and suicide as well as deal with the flow on impacts when these cases occur.

The workshops will concentrate on the current situation in relation to suicide and suicide prevention across NSW, with a particular focus on its unique impact within each region. Participants will be invited to discuss the specific needs required by each locality to reduce the incidence of suicide in their area, as well as how communities then wish to move forward in building awareness and preventing acts of self harm and suicide in the future.

Over July and August 2012, ten consultation workshops will be conducted in selected locations across regional NSW. Further details, including dates and times for each session are attached.

We would like to strongly encourage you to participate in the workshop/s. It is anticipated that the findings from this process will lead to the development of a broader framework that will work to guide communities in responding to the incidence of self harm and suicide in their area and be better supported to take action in line with their local needs.

It would be appreciated if you could confirm which of the fora you wish to attend by 29 June 2012 by contacting Erin Halligan at or on (02) 9391 9258.

Download cover letter and consultation schedule here.

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