Calgary Police fails one year old girl (Canada)

July 1, 2012

See below a letter from the Program Coordinator of the Men’s Alternative Safe House in Calgary, Canada, detailing the failings of Police to protect a father and two children from family violence.

Men’s Alternative Safe House*403-242-4077
147 Pinegrove Close NE, Calgary, AB, CA

June 30, 2012

Chief Rick Hanson

Calgary Police Service
5111 47 St. N.E.
Calgary, Alberta  T3J 3R2

RE: Case# 12237973

Dear Chief Hanson,

In MASH*4077 history guests twice relied on the CPS to enforce the law; both times the CPS response has been less than reasonable.

Benoit Simard; Peter Lougheed Hospital referred Mr. Benoit to MASH*4077 [referral letter available]. He self attended the hospital fleeing domestic violence from his female partner.

He applied for and received Alberta Children and Youth Services “Fleeing Domestic Violence Benefit”. He called CPS for assistance and file charges [third party witnesses were present], he asked the officers not to involve his employer as the abuse did not occur at his work. The officers spoke to his employer and his perpetrator; the result was Mr. Benoit was fired from his job and the officers returned to MASH*4077 to further question Mr. Benoit.

The officers, upon returning, enticed Mr. Benoit to the rear of the police car where they cornered him with the aid of the open back door of the car; the officers put on their gloves and were cornering him by closing the distance between them and Mr. Benoit. I could see the fear in Mr. Benoit’s eyes; I interfered by removing Mr. Benoit from the situation. I believe if I had not intervened Mr. Benoit would have panicked, push through to protect himself and the officers would have arrested him for assaulting a police officer; this is known fact as I have been advised of this police tactic by individuals who called the crisis line with this information. They did call the CPS for assistance but were, in fact, arrested, for assaulting an officer; the issue of their abuse was totally ignored.

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