Male domestic violence victim speaks out (UK)

August 10, 2012


A nightclub bouncer who was knifed in the chest by his diminutive wife has called on male victims of domestic violence to come forward.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, 36-year old Kieron Bell said :

‘Domestic violence against men is a big problem. Because women are seen as the vulnerable ones, people don’t understand how men can allow themselves to be victims.

‘I stayed because I loved her and because we had a child but it nearly cost me my life. I’m lucky to be alive and one day I will have to tell my son that his mother almost killed me.

‘I’m speaking out because when I finally found the courage to tell Norfolk Police what had happened they were brilliant, they didn’t judge me and they took me seriously so I want other men to know they can report attacks.

‘If it can happen to me it can happen to anyone. She would flare up at the smallest thing. I put it down to her pregnancy hormones to start with.’

‘If we were bickering she would suddenly lash out. She would kick me or punch me. Sometimes she slapped me in front of people.

‘I would never in a million years hit a woman because my mother always told me not to so I would go out for a walk to calm down. When I come back she would say sorry and promise not to do it again.’

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