The Stats that Matter (Dads on the Air podcast audio)

August 13, 2012


With special guests:

  • Kyle Lovett
  • Barbara Kay

Kyle Lovett

Kyle Lovett is a Research Editor and Author at A Voice for Men. Kyle is based in Washington DC in the USA but even at that distance he cannot help but be disturbed about the National Council of Australia’s plan supposedly directed at reducing violence against women.

Some of the recommendations of the Plan have already been implemented following the amendments made to the Family Law Act late last year expanding the definition of what legally constitutes “domestic violence”. Others to follow may include formalising new sexual assault laws which will define legally consensual sexual intercourse. Unless a man gets verbal consent to perform various acts following a direct question he could be facing a rape charge. Furthermore consent can be removed after the fact if the woman claims she was coerced under a broad range of vague or implied threats. And it is the man who has the burden of proof if these types of allegations are made by the woman.

Even the title of the Plan causes great concern: Time for Action: The National Council’s Plan for Australia to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children 2009-2021. Note the use of the word “their” when referring to children. What about the Dads? And the Plan does not even address the physical, emotional or sexual abuse of children.

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