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January 9, 2013

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What is an Omega Male?

Ω (Omega) is the last letter of the Greek alphabet (α = Alpha being the first), which is commonly used to represent the outer or ultimate edge of something. I have used it in this context to represent a state of completion or wholeness. 

Why? Because over the last decade a lot of attention has been given to the idea of the ‘Alpha’ male, the leader of the pack who behaves in particular ways to enhance his status with women and other men. Alpha behaviour works because it mimics a natural state of confidence and self valuing that others find attractive.

But mimicking something isn’t the same as being it. 

Real confidence doesn’t come from learning to pretend to be a particular way, but from having done the work to really discover who you are. When a man knows and values himself – his gifts, his desires, his ambitions and his life purpose, he no longer needs to pretend.

I call that Man the Omega Male because he is complete and he is free to live life on his own terms, by his own values and according to his own spirit. That man is truly alive and truly powerful in a way that makes boys pretending to be Alphas look slightly ridiculous.

That man has a shining integrity and passion that naturally makes people want to be with him and be like him, not because he is putting on a show, but because he is a reflection and an example of the power and potential they want for their own life. That man doesn’t manipulate and deceive people to get what he wants, he uplifts them and shows them the best in themselves.

The Omega is an authentic leader, authentic lover, authentic friend and authentic man. He has done the personal work, faced his shadows, embraced his power, found his passion and is giving his gifts to the world.

That Man is YOU, if you choose it.

About the Course

The Omega Male course is an eight week intensive journey of personal discovery. Contact hours are 1 night per week, but participants are expected to complete daily practices to gain the most benefit from it.

Begins Tuesday February 5, 2013

Times: 7 pm to 10 pm

Place: Highett, Melbourne

Cost: $360 (early bird $320 by Dec 15th)

Go to for more information.

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