"Men Cry Alone" – a new novel about men abused by their wives

January 16, 2013

Men Cry Alone tells the story of three men who are being abused by their wives. Although written as a novel, the author Philip Paris spent eighteen months researching the subject and during this time interviewed professionals in a wide range of related fields – law, police, social work, the church, the Rape & Abuse Line. In addition, he interviewed several UK charities for abused men and, via them, was in contact with men who had been abused by previous partners. Men Cry Alone also examines the issue of someone experiencing domestic violence because their partner has dementia, a growing problem amongst the ageing population, as well as abuse against women.

Reviews of Men Cry Alone:

‘I wept many times reading Men Cry Alone. It is a profoundly moving novel … a compulsive read, with a forensic examination of the lives of three men abused by their wives.’ Erin Pizzey. In 1971 Erin Pizzey opened the world’s first shelter for battered women.

‘The experiences of these fictitious characters echo the real life tragedies that I have dealt with for nearly thirty years. Reading these stories, written with such sensitive narrative, made the occasional tear fall. Raising awareness of the domestic abuse faced by many men and women may give them the hope that they need not cry alone.’ Susan Brown, Chaplain to the Queen in Scotland and Minister of Dornoch Cathedral.

‘Men Cry Alone brings to life with great clarity and vividness the ordeal suffered by many men behind closed doors.’ Mark Brooks, Chairman of the UK charity ManKind Initiative.

‘A sensitive and touching portrayal of the far-reaching effects that dementia can have within a marriage and one that many carers will recognise. No one should have to cope with dementia on their own as Men Cry Alone makes abundantly clear.’ Alzheimer Scotland.

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