Violent Femmes (SBS TV)

April 30, 2013

Because they’re bored. Because someone said something nasty on Facebook. Because someone was “being a smart arse” to them.

Australian girls are getting into some bad fights.

Although males are responsible for most violent assaults in Australia, there has been an increase in violent offences committed by females, many of them aged 14-25. More females than ever before are being imprisoned for physical assaults and stories of young girls fighting are becoming more common.

This week on Insight, girls as young as 14 own up to ‘putting the boot in’, hair pulling and slamming heads into walls. And victims tell of the impact on them.

Presenter: Jenny Brockie
Senior Producer: Jodie Noyce
Associate Producer: Hannah Meagher

Available now via SBS on Demand

During the program, the NSW Police Commissioner admits to being a victim of a woman’s abuse.

Source: Violent Femmes: Overview (

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