Men’s Health Week: Showcasing local responses to male health…

May 10, 2013


Men’s Health Week is just 4 weeks away!

Men’s Health Week is about encouraging local people to respond to the health and wellbeing needs of boys and blokes as they see fit.

Based on the idea that local people and local services are best placed to tackle health challenges, our ‘Health Snapshots‘ theme aims to showcase the many different and creative ways local communities are responding.

You Can Order Poster and Flier Packs

To support your local efforts and help you look good, we’re providing poster and flier packs free of charge.

Take a look, put them up at work or on the fridge and give some thought to how your boys and blokes are faring in your region…

And please, pass this on to your friends and colleagues (it’s good karma!):

Run An Event – Get Some Giveaways

Of course, the best way to connect with local fellas is to put on an event that they’ll want to be part of.

We’ve put together some useful places to find resources and create events that blokes and their families will want to part of.

And, if you do run an event, well throw in some extra special goodies to get the crowd talking.

You can register an event here – it need not be massive, just something that engages men in healthy living in some form. Check out what others are doing in your area.

Source: Men's Health Week website (

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