Men’s Fire Circle – All ages welcome, boys to men (Newcastle, NSW)

May 29, 2013

The ‘Fire Circle’ offers men an opportunity to gather together in a deep, authentic and truthful way. It’s an opportunity for each man to feel the importance of learning to honour his own capacity to become more present, sit deeper within his truth, connect to his heart, offer his wisdom, and feel his connection to mother earth.

The Fire Circle is also a place where men of all ages are brought together. The purpose of this is to support the older men to continue being valuable in the community, and to offer younger men, teenagers and boys a place where they can feel accepted for who they are, and learn from the life experience and collective wisdom of their elders.

The Fire Circle is designed to support you to develop your sensitivity and awareness to the earth, to each other and also to our differences. We will prepare ourselves for entry into the fire circle where we sit and take part in open sharing, we learn the art of respectful communication and powerful listening, and we become familiar with the guidelines of circle work. We also learn about the lightness of not taking ourselves too seriously, and we are encouraged to have fun, laugh and enjoy simply being together.

Young men – There is also deeper intention for the boys and young men. Within this safe and confidential environment, an awareness of self and the other is heightened. Responsibility for each person’s impact on others is increased. When a young man is respected and listened to without judgment, his capacity for inner resilience increases exponentially. In the Fire Circle the presence of older men from the community, also fosters a non-confrontational and reciprocal mentoring environment.

The Fire Circle is being held in Newcastle and will take place once a month. Bookings MUST be made, LIMITED places available!

Contact: Phil 0413 401 533

Time: 6.30- 9.30pm

Location: Waratah, Newcastle, NSW

Website Link:

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