Man Alive South Coast 2013 (NSW)

August 15, 2013


Berry, NSW South Coast
13-15 September

Head or Heart?

As men we are generally comfortable using our heads. We think order, logic, process. What of matters of the heart: love, soul, honour, compassion?

Man Alive is a men’s gathering near Berry over the weekend 13-15 September. Man Alive invites you to come and explore what it means to live with Wholeheartedness—that place where head and heart work together!

How it all works

The idea is to let you choose how you want to participate, and which of the wide-ranging selection of activities offered during the weekend you want to involve yourself in. The choice will be yours; whether this might be to immerse yourself in deep personal enquiry, or to stay relaxed and chilled—or both!

Why go to a Men’s Gathering?

Throughout Australia and internationally the Men’s Gathering has become an enduring and very important forum where men from a wide range of backgrounds come together to connect, explore and have fun in a non-threatening, non-judgemental and safe environment.

Man Alive South Coast is open to all men from any background, religious, political or sexual persuasion. It is a safe, non-judgmental, supportive space where men can explore the connections, modalities, challenges and exercises that facilitate real and lasting change.

Who attends a Men’s Gathering?

There is no ‘type’ of man who comes to these events.

The men who come are of all ages and at all stages of life; they come from all socio-economic groups, cultures, creeds and nationalities. If there is anything that they do have in common it is the desire to see the growth of authentic and responsible communities, and their belief that the first step towards this goal is for them to take responsibility for their own growth.

Their desire is to learn, share and connect with other men who share this vision, and from this platform invite real change for themselves as well as for their ‘community’ – be it local, national or planetary.

Young men (under 18)

If you wish to invite your son, or a young man you are mentoring, to Man Alive you must consult the Organising Committee  as there are strict conditions on the attendance of young men. A fee of $110 (incl. GST) applies to young men who are accepted for attendance. Contact Scott on 1300 13 88 50.

Financial support

A limited number of subsidised places are available from the donations made by other men attending Man Alive. If you are receiving CentreLink payments and would not be able to attend Man Alive without support, up to half of your registration fee can be subsidised this way. Subsidised men repay the gathering by helping set-up on Friday, pack-up on Sunday afternoon, and in the kitchen throughout the weekend. In the event applications exceed donations, subsidies will be awarded in order of need. Please  call Scott on 1300 13 88 50.

About the Venue

Man Alive is held at Berry Sport & Recreation facility, 2km from Berry which is 60km south of Wollongong on the South Coast of NSW. The complex is in a rural setting with impeccable facilities. Accommodation is modern dorm style with 2, 4, or 6 beds.


I am in awe of the way the team created such an environment of respect, support, compassion, connectedness and openness. I was impressed with the strength of their gentleness and their smooth teamwork in achieving a splendid weekend. It was truly love in action… love as a verb!!!  I am equally in awe of the quality of the 55 other participants. What an extra ordinary group of men.

I was touched to the core by father-son interactions of those who were there with sons, not the least of which was mine with the man who encouraged me, his father, to be involved.

I have learned much and grown from the whole experience.

It was my first time at a gathering for men that focused on men being themselves. Today I am feeling so alive (most appropriate title for such a happening) and have spent today feeling the joy, at times close to tears as yet another recollection or new insight into something someone said or did drops like a pebble into my already overflowing heart.  

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

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