21st Century Man: The Way Forward (Video)

November 5, 2013

A stand-out session from the 2013 National Men’s Health Gathering in Brisbane was the world-focus keynote discussion panel sponsored by the Australian Men’s Health Forum, titled 21st Century Man: The Way Forward.

This discussion about the changing roles of men and boys is something Australia and the world have been waiting for – and is now available on YouTube.

Chaired by AMHF President, Julian Krieg, speakers included:

Watch the complete forum:

Watch excerpts:

Gary Misan:

Glen Poole:

Dr Arne Rubenstein:

Dr Warren Farrell:

Q & A:

Source: 21st Century Man: The Way Forward (YouTube) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MvS5NhSnftU )

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