Congress: Don’t Export Discrimination Against Male and LGBT Victims of Domestic Violence (USA – petition)

December 4, 2013

Domestic violence is a problem throughout the world. A bill known as the International Violence Against Women Act (I-VAWA) has been introduced in Congress to combat domestic violence in other countries. But the bill is deeply flawed because it assumes that all abuse is male-on-female and ignores both men abused by women and LGBT victims. If the bill were to pass, large classes of victims would be silenced and denied access to services.

The Partner Abuse State of Knowledge Project (PASK) has looked at domestic violence in 85 countries around the world and that found men and women were equally likely to be abuse perpetrators in most cases (1). PASK also found that LGBT couples were at increased risk of domestic violence (2).

In order to stop domestic violence, it is crucial that our approach be based on sound science, not politically correct ideology. I-VAWA ignores the results of scientific research and the existence of large classes of victims. Please join us in calling on members of Congress to vote ‘No’ on the International Violence Against Women Act.



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