University of South Australia Male Studies courses commencing in 2014

December 27, 2013

The first of the University of South Australia Male Studies courses planned for 2014 is now accepting applications for enrolment.

You can find information about the first of the courses on offer – the Professional Certificate in Male Health and Male Health Promotion here.

You can also download a Registration Form, which must be completed if you are intending to undertake one or both courses in 2014, from here. Processing of enrolments will commence early in the New Year.

Students may enrol in the entire Professional Certificate in either Study Period 2 (Semester 1) or Study Period 5 (Semester 2), which means completing both courses in one semester. Alternatively, students may elect to complete only one course in each of the study periods. If both courses are completed in 2014 then students will be awarded the Professional Certificate for that year. We recommend students complete Course 1 (Male Health in Perspective) before commencing Course 2 (Male Health Promotion) should they elect to separate the courses.

The University would prefer to receive payment prior to courses commencing, so participants planning to complete both courses in one semester should pay for both prior to course commencement. For students enrolling in courses in different semesters, payment can be made prior to the start of each semester. Payment details are on the Registration Form.

We look forward to seeing you in 2014.

If you know of anyone who you think may be interested in undertaking one or other of the courses on offer, please feel free to forward this information on, including to international colleagues.

The Course web page will not be available until the beginning of 2014, so for further information please Gary Misan directly (details below).

Dr Gary Misan PhD
Associate Research Professor, Centre for Rural Health and Community Development
University of South Australia | 111 Nicolson Avenue | WHYALLA NORRIE SA 5608
P +61 8 8647 6011 | M 0408 894 168 | F +61 8 8647 8156
E | Web

Source: Registration Form (
Source: Professional Certificate in Male Health and Male Health Promotion (

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