Men, Unemployment and Suicide: Australia 2014. A Social and Political Issue – NOT a ‘Mental Health’ Diagnosis

April 19, 2014

By Anthony Smith, Industry Partner to the NHMRC Center for Research Excellence in Suicide Prevention (CRESP).

This Paper is an extension of an earlier Paper from 2012. A summarised version of the 2012 Paper was published in the Report Obsessive Hope Disorder – Reflections on 30 Years of Mental Health Reform in Australia and Visions for the Future.

Recent research policy and practice around men, unemployment and suicide are highlighted to motivate effective action on this issue. There is now very broad acknowledgement of the particular challenge around unemployment and suicide as it relates to men.

Responsive effective and appropriate action, however, is hard to find.

To read the full article in PDF format, click here.

Source: Men, Unemployment and Suicide: Australia 2014 (full article) (

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