“Out on a Limb” book review by Greg Millan

May 1, 2014

Simon Turner is a single father who has written and published a book called “Out on a Limb – A single fathers guide to his family’s lore of the jungle” for other single fathers on a similar journey to obtain a shared care agreement for their children. This book is simply the best guide to this subject ever written in Australia. I cannot recommend it more highly. Ever separated men with or without children and every worker who works with separated men should buy this book and read every valuable page. Simon’s advice is sound and simple.

The book is a practical easy to read guide based on the three golden rules that Simon received from a Family Court Judge that dramatically changed his situation. Out on a Limb is not legal advice or the gospel but it does make a lot of man-sense and provides the reader with a number of answers to a multitude of questions any single father may have. For when it’s time for a man to take on the task of applying for the care (be it shared or otherwise) what they will discover is all they need is some guidance, a lot of patience and a bit of help to reach an agreement on what’s best for their kids.

Simon wrote this book over 72 consecutive nights about a year or so after his son’s case had been successfully resolved. The book contains 72 easy to read chapters that focus on what a single father can do – to give himself the best chance of parenting after a divorce or separation. Out on a Limb is constructive, easy to read and very affordable and written for every man from the bloke in the pub with his head in his beer to the man behind his desk with his head in his hands.

I get many books sent to my every year to from people writing books with a focus on improving men’s health and wellbeing. Some are good, some not so, but this book I could not put down. It is a fantastic read, and the most simple and informative book I have ever come across on what can be the most difficult of times in men’s lives.

Out on a Limb is a book that is not backward in coming forward, and nor can it afford to be. It is a guide that sheds light on the simple fact that fighting is only going to cause a bigger argument and what a father truly seeks is some certainty through an agreement and a say in what’s best for his kids.

“Some say, in the beginning God (whether you believe in this idea or not) created man and woman. For argument’s sake, let’s call them Tarzan and Jane. But the truth is God can’t be blamed for separation and divorce. That’s the work of Jane and Tarzan. Though marriages are created with the best intentions, breaking up can be ugly, bitter and sometimes spiteful. What-ever we start in life will eventually come to an end, it seems, and by the end of the 20th century too many romances that grew into relationships and blossomed into marriage ended in separation and divorce.”

Out on a Limb doesn’t draw solely on Simon’s experiences, but is reminiscent of observations and lessons he learned during his time in the jungle of family lore. In his career before becoming a full-time dad, Simon had the privilege of knowing some rather distinguished people, including professionals from across society. Simon notes that “Often clients would offer me insights into life, but probably the most considered counsel came from judges. One judge’s advice on learning of my ‘predicament’ radically changed my understanding and, ultimately, my situation. It offered me a way forward and out of the jungle that was encroaching and consuming every part of my life. What he told me is not carved in stone or written in any book, but it was clear, straightforward and to the point … This advice didn’t require an answer but some thought, and after-wards a fair bit of gratitude. I believe this simple explanation of incredibly complex matters of the heart and family can help any Tarzan work it out with his Jane to find a way out of the jungle.” (Simon Turner, p 8.)

This is a great book, well written and I highly recommend you get a copy. My congratulations to Simon Turner for producing the best guide to separation issues for men ever written (so far).

People can buy the book from www.outonalimb.com.au. The cost is $25.00 includes GST and postage in Australia.

Greg Millan

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