Does men’s health policy deserve our special attention? (Seminar)

June 1, 2014


The Deakin public health policy seminar series is targeted at senior researchers, academics and policy makers.

Date: Tuesday 10 June 2014 Time: 12pm for 12.30pm until 2pm (sandwich lunch) Location: Conference Room, Deakin City Centre, Level 3, 550 Bourke Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Panelists: Dr Carol Holden, Tass Mousaferiadis, Dr Daniel Perkins

Does men’s health policy deserve our special attention? Despite poorer health outcomes and lower health service engagement there are few specific initiatives focusing on men’s health. Why do men not access healthcare more regularly and should health services do more to improve the engagement of men? Alternatively, why is there a need to focus on men’s health policy separately when the health care system cares predominately for male focussed diseases and chronic conditions? 

Dr Carol Holden is CEO of Andrology Australia, a commonwealth funded ‘centre without walls’ that brings health and education experts together to raise the awareness of male reproductive health disorders and their associations with chronic disease. Carol has published research internationally and in 2012 completed a Masters of Public Health with a major in health policy analysing the National Male Health Policy.

Tass Mousaferiadis is Men’s Program Leader, with beyondblue. Tass has advised state governments on public health policy and has extensive governance experience having served on Boards of multiple health and community services. Particular areas of interest include primary health care, the acute hospital sector, mental health, and alcohol and drugs services.

Dr Daniel Perkins is Senior Policy Advisor in the Diversity Policy and Projects Unit at the Victorian Department of Health. Daniel is responsible for the forthcoming Victoria’s men’s health policy and also the development in 2010 of Victoria’s first Men’s health and wellbeing strategy. Previously he was Research and Policy Manager in the Social Research Centre of the Brotherhood of St Laurence, leading work relating to social inclusion issues.

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