For Men’s Health Week – have the chat that saves lives!

June 9, 2014

Men’s Health Week is a good time to ask the blokes in your life – have you thought about organ and tissue donation?

In Australia there are around 1,600 men, women and children on transplant waiting lists at any one time.  With only 1% of all deaths in hospitals in circumstances permitting organ donation to happen, every Australian needs as many people as possible in our community to have considered the issue, be registered and discussed their wishes with loved ones.  This is because In Australia the family will always be asked to confirm the donation wishes of the deceased before donation for transplantation can proceed.

Just one person who has decided today to be a potential organ and tissue donor tomorrow, can save the lives of 10 or more people!

Yet only 40% of Victorians on the Australian Organ Donor Register are men.

So come on guys, DonateLife Victoria encourages all males to have the chat that saves lives:

  • Think about being a potential organ and tissue donor – discover the facts, decide and register on Australia’s organ donor register
  • Most importantly make sure you have discussed your wishes with your loved ones and ask and know theirs
  • And make sure all the men you know do too, amongst family, friends and workmates!

Remember, “Men Can Too!” – visit to get all the details.

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