Men Say YES to Family Peace

June 9, 2015

Help end all violence against women, men, children and animals

We are living in a society that is in the midst of an epidemic of domestic violence and during Men’s Health Week this month it is time that men unite to SAY YES to Family Peace and start to put in place actions for ending all violence against women, men, children and animals. 

Whilst violence in our community affects all ages and genders, there has very understandably been an emphasis placed on raising awareness of violence against women because two-thirds of the victims of domestic violence in Australia are women.  As a result, many people tend to think of domestic violence as something that happens to women perpetrated by men only – but this is not the case. Both men and women are capable of violence in relationships. Domestic violence against men is under-studied, under-reported and they become the hidden victims of domestic violence. 

There are real differences between genders in the reporting of violence and the affects of the violence on women and men and we need to appreciate this and open the discussion up on these differences and similarities.  As well as the effects of violence on men, the negative impact on children can impair their behavioural, cognitive, emotional, and social development. Turning a blind eye to violence in the family is neglecting the needs of children who witness violence between their parents.

The fact is that most Australian men – some 98% of all men, manage to get through their day without being violent or abusive to their loved ones. Not only do they manage this feat on any particular day; but they are loving husbands, partners and fathers day in, day out, week after week, year after year. The Relationships Australia “Relationships Indicators Survey 2006” found that 1% of respondents said that violence was an issue that was negatively impacting on their partner relationship. 

During Men’s Health Week we believe that the community needs to be informed about violence against women, men, children and animals that is occurring in some Australian families every day. A free Community Forum will take place to look at the current situation of domestic violence in Australia, look at what forms this can take and what the differences and similarities are for men and women who are affected by violence and abuse. 

We also want to raise awareness of violence against animals caught up in domestic abuse situations and the services that you can access to protect pets from danger. 

We have a very knowledgeable panel of speakers and plenty of time for discussion in a safe environment. 

Our society has the capacity to support all victims of family violence just as we support all victims of cancer, or any number of other impacts upon people’s health and wellbeing. 

Men Say YES to Family PeaceCommunity Forum details:

Friday June 19 10.00 am  – 1.00 pm

Upper Hunter Room, Travelodge Hotel King Street Newcastle

Please let us know your concerns, thoughts and ideas for moving forward to ensure Family Peace.

Panel Members

Robyn Cotterell-Jones CEO

Victims of Crime Assistance League Inc NSW

Greg Andresen, Social Researcher

One in Three Campaign

Paula Mudd, Chair Person

Hunter Domestic Violence Support & Advisory Services Inc.

Sandra Ma Community Programs Supervisor

RSPCA Safe Beds for Pets Program

You need to register to attend by email to  or txt 0417 772 390 so we can organise catering.

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