Preventing Male Suicide – Become Part of the Solution

August 16, 2015

Suicide is the number one killer of men under 44 years of age. 

It is not just an issue for health and mental health services, but one that must be owned by our community. 
We need to do more than merely talk about it. Each of us can play an important role in suicide prevention. 

This booklet has been compiled to provide easy to read accurate information for communities, employers, and the broad range of organisations and professionals concerned about male suicide.

Why not plan to put one of these into the hands of every person in your community or organisation?

Booklet contains:

  • Warning signs that a man might be in distress
  • Helping someone who is experiencing suicidal thoughts: things to bear in mind
  • Practical tips on how to help
  • Facts about suicide
  • Factors associated with suicide
  • What men experiencing suicidal thoughts need to hear
  • What can I do at a community level?

Booklets can be purchased at a cost of 90c each plus GST and postage.

For bulk and smaller quantities of the booklet contact: 
Phone 0439 692 975   Email 

Organisations who purchase 2,000 or more copies, can apply to have their logo placed on the front cover of the booklet.

A sample copy be downloaded from

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