Helping Men Get Help | Glen Poole (UK)

November 3, 2015


Helping Men Get Help is a unique course that’s been designed for professionals who want to help more men and boys access public services and social projects. Designed and presenting by leading UK Men’s Health Consultant Glen Poole.


The course is designed for service providers in areas such as health promotion, parenting, education, social work, mental health, support groups, community workers and youth workers. The course if for anyone concerned with helping men and boys get better access to and outcomes from their existing services, or anyone interested in developing new services and projects for men and boys.

What are the aims of HELPING MEN GET HELP

To leave you with a broad understanding of the barriers men and boys face and give you the skills and knowledge you need to help men and boys overcome these barriers and access the services and projects you run.

What will you learn on the course?

  • How to make a compelling case for targeting your work at men and boys
  • The latest evidence on the barriers that men and boys face
  • A range of tried and tested approaches from around the world
  • How to assess how inclusive and male friendly your service is
  • How to develop an action plan for including men and boys

Key Course Content:

Why focus on men and boys? In this session we explore the case for focussing on men and boys as a distinct group and give you the knowledge and confidence you need to take action in this area. You’ll learn how to make a compelling case for targeting men and boys. 

Helping men get help. In this session we look at the latest evidence on the barriers that men and boys face to accessing services and begin to consider how this applies to your service.

What works and why it works.  In this session we draw on real life examples from around the world of services that have radically improved men and boys access to local services. Here we help you to identify what these projects have in common and how you apply the lessons learnt to your service.

Planning for success. In the final session we consider how you can to apply what you have learnt to your service or project. We give you a step by step action plan to help you assess how ‘male friendly’ your service is and help you identify the actions you can take to help men and boys get betting access to and outcomes from your services.


Glen Poole is touring Australia for six months. He is an energetic voice in the world of gender equality having founded and hosted the UK National Conference for Men and Boys, is a lead co-ordinator for International Men’s Day in the UK and globally and runs the consultancy Helping Men.

Glen is committed to building a dynamic global network of professionals and experts to spread best practice and help tackle the major gender inequalities that men and boys experience including lower life expectancy, high male suicide rates and violence against men and boys.

He combines frontline practitioner work with research, consultancy, journalism and the development of gender theories that are more inclusive of men and boys. He is author of the books “Equality For Men” and “Your Masculinity Rules”.

For more information about about Glen visit his website here

PARRAMATTA  Friday November 20  Holiday Inn, 18 – 40 Anderson Street, Parramatta

MELBOURNE Tuesday November 24 Vibe Savoy Hotel, 630 Little Collins Street, Melbourne

WOLLONGONG Wednesday Dec 2 Adina Apartment Hotel, Wollongong

NEWCASTLE,  Friday December 4  Travelodge Hotel, King Street, Newcastle

DEVONPORT, Thursday November 26
 The Salvation Army, 166 William Street, Devonport  

All Programs run from 9.30 – 4 pm


$260 for one day of training, resources, refreshments and plus 3 month follow up support with your program, project or resource development.  There is an EARLY BIRD RATE of $240 if registration is paid three prior to the training date.
To register email or phone 0417 772 390 for more information.

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