Your help needed: crowdfunding to save lives

June 24, 2016

A suicide can leave an empty space that hurts a family for generations, in addition to the tragedy of the life lost. But there are actions we can take to reduce suicide and you can help put them into action.

The Australian Men’s Health Forum is preparing an advisory paper on preventing male suicide (four out of five suicides are by males). The advisory paper will be a practical, hands-on help to friends, family and work colleagues who think someone may be at risk.

AMHF needs to raise $8,000 for the preparation and distribution of the paper and will run a crowd funding campaign on launching June 13th, 2016, which is the start of Men’s Health Week.

Will you help by:

· Forwarding this web page (or a summary of it) to all your members and supporters,

· Asking them to forward it to all their friends and

· Making a small donation to the campaign?

You can find out more at the campaign’s Facebook page,

You can also check out the crowdfunding page at

For more information you can contact Gary Bryant, Executive Office, Australian Men’s Health Forum on 0414 950 902 or

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