Bettina Arndt needs your help to host screenings of The Red Pill

March 24, 2017

The Red Pill is a documentary made by a well-known American filmmaker, Cassie Jaye, exposing many of the men’s issues Bettina is passionate about: domestic violence and AVOs, bias in family law, boy’s education, male suicide prevention.

When this important movie was released last year Australia became the only country to try to ban it, with screenings cancelled after protests from feminist extremists who hadn’t seen it yet claimed it promoted violence and misogyny. The only violence seen in the movie is the feminist demonstrators howling down people trying to speak about men’s lives.

Bettina is delighted to announce Australian audiences will finally be allowed to decide for themselves what the fuss is all about. She’s arranged for the movie to be available from Fan-Force which allows people anywhere in Australia to organise their own screenings of the movie.

You might rightly be reluctant to host the movie if you haven’t seen it. There is now an online site where you can rent it in Australia – Vimeo. See this link Rent $6.68. You will discover the feminist activists are spreading misinformation about this excellent movie – there’s absolutely nothing offensive or misogynist in it. We are told this online access won’t affect the numbers likely to want to see the movie in a cinema.

Bettina is urgently looking for more people to host screenings in their local areas. All you need to do is choose a date and local movie theatre and then help promote the event to your friends and networks. You can host the screening under Bettina’s name if you prefer anonymity. No cost, no risk, just a little of your time. Find out more about Fan-Force and The Red Pill here:

You don’t need to appear in public at the event. You don’t need to introduce the movie. We are not encouraging people to hold audience participation Q&As after the event. We’ve had some experience of this in Sydney and the risk is silly people (women and men) can say crazy things which undermine the whole impact of the movie. It is very hard to control discussion of these difficult issues and we feel it is better to let Cassie’s movie speak for itself.

We are however putting together a leaflet which outlines how the issues raised in the movie relate to Australia – and gives people links to relevant material and organisations here, plus information about how they can become actively involved in men’s issues. Bettina is working on that and will let you know when that is available. You could just hand that out when you check people in – you will need someone to greet people at the door and sign them in.

Events are already planned for Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra but we need many more. We need to show that the gates are open – there’s nothing the feminists can do to stop this happening.

Bettina is most disappointed in the response she is receiving so far, having had so many people complain to her about the fact feminists managed to cancel some of the initial viewings. She is shocked that she is receiving more response from women than from men! She suggests it is time men stepped up and stopped simply complaining about men’s issues in Australia and actually do something. Hosting this movie is a very good way to make that point.

Please contact Bettina and let her know if you are considering hosting a screening. She’s happy to help with publicity and perhaps may be able to appear in person at the event. Email her at –

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